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Ideas Page

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Saved by Hayley H
on January 23, 2012 at 3:26:38 pm

Explained changes and plan for next few days on Achievement Standards :)

This page is made up of a;

- Brainstorm section - to add new ideas, a

- Planning section - where the ideas are expanded and a 

- Tasks section - where tasks are set up for people to do.



Free to add whatever is on your mind

  • Redo the steps to fit different year groups at school in order to integrate with NCEA (Renamed School-NCEA moved to planning)
  • Upgrade the graphics (Renamed New-Graphics moved to planning)
  • Redo the website (Renamed New-Website moved to planning)
  • Review of Steps (Renamed Review-Steps) 
  • Blog about your project on the Other Projects page (Renamed Blog) 
  • An interactive type page (maybe a quiz or something) to encourage people to take part in something a bit more 'fun' and to give them a break from just reading.(Renamed Interactive-content)
  • Photos of different boards?
  • Add 'tips and tricks' regarding science fairs and what people have found through personal experience.





Split into different ideas that are expanded from the brainstorm



  • Look into different credits
    • Science pathways
      • Chemistry
      • Physics
      • Biology - Already many schools do a science project with NCEA standards involved. 
    • Technology pathways
  • Maybe set up some project pathways that schools can use.
    • Project pathways could be used to  
  • Do worksheets that teachers can use



  • Conor starting to redo the main graphics putting together a new simplified design.
  • Graphics to be done
    • Headers
    • Logos for the different pages 



  • New layout - The old layout had a competition page and a news page and was used mainly to move people through to the wiki where the resources are. What could it be used for? 
  • Just bought a new hosting on openhost an NZ company and am waiting for the domain to be transferred over.
    • Will be using Drupal to build the website this allows for a simple interface which anyone with a log in can access through the internet and edit the pages through an editor similar to this wiki. 
    • The main bit of work is making of the theme there are three different themes that we could start off with and then modify



Have a look

  • What do people think about the steps? How could the steps be improved? 



Anyone keen to do a blog entry a bit about the project you did and what you got out of it.


Interactive Content

Idea is to add interactive content maybe with quizzes. Heather says.......  I shall investigate this further in the near future I think.

  • You can embed in HTML into the site so maybe someone could look into that.
  • Could have an interactive add in for teaching the scientific method see link 
  • Hayley created page called "Test yourself!" which we can put the websites on.   



Split into sections same as in planning and has task that people can put their name next to if they want to do the task. When the task is complex it can be crossed out.



  • Write up page on projects pathways for NCEA (Hayley)
    • (Note: Some of the standards on the page have expired so should I replace them with the current ones? - Nevermind: I did the chemistry ones on Chem Page. Should I create a Bio and Physics one too? Good idea yes that would be great. Answered) Cool. Just set them up. Over next few days I will add the standards and tidy up so Bio, Chem and Physics have same format.
  • Teacher handouts for students doing projects in technology physics bio and chemistry for different year levels So for yr 9-10, L1, L2, and L3 NCEA. Just word documents that have check boxes of things to do could be based on the steps in the wiki or a rehashed version of the steps. Don't need places to fill them in as this can be done on separte paper.
    • Extend idea and questions



  • Do new banner for wiki (Conor) 



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